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Sophie Parkes

25 Years' Of Experience of Healing Amazing Bodies

Hi! I’m Sophie and I’m The Body Advocate.

I’ve been an Osteopath for 25 years and have healed and fixed more broken bones, backs and knees and strained muscles than you can count. It’s what I love doing; it’s my passion! But more than anything, my passion is working with people to get their energy levels up, help them get the right nutrition for their body because quite often our aches and pains are a sign of our body giving up from the inside; all our mechanics are connected

 and in this busy, modern, crazy world we are spiralling trying to put a band-aid on all our problems. Which is why I’m your health and wellbeing consultant.

Whether you are stressed or not sleeping well enough, or you have trying to hit that fitness goal for years but can’t seem to find the
strength to get out of bed in the morning, I’m here for you. I’m not just The Body Advocate – I’m here to align your mind and soul with your body so that you can find yourself again and learn to breathe again.

I’m dedicated to working with people who want to grow and find their balance again. I don’t limit myself to who I work with. I coach stressed
out mums, busy professionals, fitness fanatics – you name it – to prioritise their health and wellbeing and simply get out of their own way.

Every body is unique and going through its own set of challenges, which is why my ideology isn’t about getting you in to a certain
dress size or depriving yourself of your favourite food or even following a single form of exercise. I’m an advocate for helping you find the motivation to pick yourself up again and find that strength to hit your goals.

We are all born amazing, but we spend most of our life just not realising it. We get to a point of coming back to liking ourselves again.
And hopefully get to a point of finding peace within ourselves. And I, my friend, am here to get you to that point again.

Remember, you are always enough, and it’s okay to ask for help if you need it.


Sophie Parkes

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One size does not fit all. With my help and guidance on different aspects of nutrition, movement and wellness, I can help you regain lost confidence and introduce you to yourself again. Let’s do this together!

Health & Fitness

Through one-to-one coaching, I work through the challenges of your body and help you find your strength again. Whether you want to meditate, or run a marathon, or even just rebalance your core, as your consultant I guide you towards your overall health and wellbeing.


How do you want to be better? Look better? Live better? Feel better? Isagenix is a better way of helping you get what you want. That’s what we call the art of wellbeing. As an Isagenix Consultant, I can guide you on what nutrition your body needs and to help you get closer to your goals.

Sports Nutrition & Dietary

Keeping up with your training schedule is much easier when you recover quickly after a workout. Getting the right nutrients such as phytonutrients and collagen can be great for boosting muscle recovery and easing exercise-related soreness, so you can be ready to hit your next session!

Balance Body Mind

Nourish yourself.
Even if you are pushing your body physically, but not nourishing it from the inside, your mind won’t stay connected to your body. Feed your mind, body and soul with the right nutrition and learn to breathe again and find balance.

What People Are Saying

See how I’ve worked with people to make a difference in their lives. I could help you too!

When it comes to what I drink and eat, I am very particular. A few months ago I was introduced to Isagenix products by Sophie. Honestly, I'm not into supplements but when I got to know about the ingredients, I knew I could have them to my benefit. I have been drinking Ionix as a tea for quite some time. It's a great substitute for caffeinated tea/coffee and everytime I have it, I feel fresh and energetic. Another ISA product that I love is Nourish for Life and again for similar reasons - its ingredients! I'm a photographer and often I need that extra charge of energy when I am shooting on location. I start my day with Nourish and have another glass after some time while I'm shooting. The amount of freshness it brings to the system is praiseworthy. I don't feel fatigued and helps me avoid eating junk food while I work because my system feels fine if I don't get the chance to grab a healthy meal. I would highly recommend these products to anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle while getting the best nourishment from nature. Absolute must haves!
Akanksha A
"Sophie has the uncanny ability to look inside your soul and find out exactly what to fix. She's not just The Body Advocate, she's the soul advocate. As an osteopath she has been able to fix my back issues, which were linked to my TMD, in just a few weeks and I have been going to GPs for years. Her support and guidance on nutrition has helped me turn around my weight issues and now I feel stronger and fitter and more confident than ever!"
Amna H
"I am changing my lifestyle after years of suffering with urticaria and being on medication each time symptoms arose. My physical ability has suffered a lot due to putting on weight. At the beginning of April, I was introduced to Isagenix which is a health product that had a profound effect on my weight. Since being on Isagenix, I have lost a stone and half in weight and about to start on exercises to help the process along quicker now that my knees can cope. Sophie has contributed to my feeling of wellbeing not just from losing weight but also regaining my energy levels. I couldn't have done it without you, Sophie. Thank you so much, not only for your understanding and patience, but above all the friendship and talks that we have had. It goes without hesitation to recommend you, your business and Isagenix at every opportunity. A big thank you!"
Dennis G

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